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WEEKDAYS: 8:30am – 5:25pm

SATURDAY: 8:30am – 5:25pm

SUNDAY: 9:00am – 4:55pm

*Express Exterior Wash Only
*Free Vacuum SUNDAY Only


1401 Beach Blvd.,
Jacksonville Beach

at Beach Blvd. & Penman Rd., (1 mile east of the intracoastal waterway)

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Beaches Car Wash & Gift Gallery

Beaches Car Wash & Gift Gallery

Voted BEST CAR WASH in the Jacksonville Area’s Publications the Most Consecutive Years Running!

Beaches Car Wash has been a family owned and operated destination in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, since 1989. Known for our Express 5-Minute Exterior Car Wash, friendly customer service and comprehensive wash packages, we utilize the latest and safest equipment to ensure the ultimate car wash experience in the area. We also have the technical capability of addressing any special needs and/or requests that our customers may have for their vehicles. Be sure to alert us to those details at the point of sale so that we can best accommodate you on your future visits to Beaches Car Wash.

In addition to our superior services, we offer a unique feature to our customers – our extensive Gift Gallery – which is home to the largest selection of greeting cards in Jacksonville Beach. Stop in to browse our eclectic collection of gifts and products while your vehicle is being serviced by the best car wash in the area – Beaches Car Wash.

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Get a Clean Start with Beaches Car Wash

This is the first-person experience of one happy Beaches Car Wash customer:

After returning to Jacksonville from a nearly 1,000-mile holiday trip, the highway had gotten the best of me and my Mazda3, which was looking a little bedraggled.There was a coat of road film all over it, making the finish look dull, and the windows were so dirty it was actually hard to see out. So I stopped in to Beaches Car Wash to see if they could help.

I pulled in and a service writer gave me a menu where I chose my wash package. The car was thoroughly vacuumed and then prepped with high-pressure water to knock off some of the mess left by the slushy interstates, then headed through the 150-foot wash tunnel. I asked whether the brushes could harm the finish, and was told that they use only soapy microfiber cloths and foam brushes that clean every bit of the exterior, but aren’t at all harmful. After the wash, the car received polish, wax, tire shine and Rain-X – a very popular addition that repels rainwater to keep the car clean longer and help with visibility during rainstorms.

Now, at some car washes, you’d be done. But, at Beaches Car Wash, the second phase was just starting. Four or five people cleaned all the windows, cleaned the road dirt and fingerprints from my dash, console, and wiped all door jambs down – then took a good look around the whole car.

One service person spotted some white paint on my fender from a territorial dispute with my garage. I told them not to worry about it because they couldn’t possibly get it off during a regular car wash. I should know – I had worked on it for about an hour the day before with not much success.

Fortunately, he ignored me and the paint was gone in less than a minute. Evidently, I wasted a lot of time trying to get that paint off! I guess having the right products really matter. So, don’t be afraid to ask if something on your car needs some special attention.

As I went to leave, I was offered a free bottle of water “for the road.” I wasn’t expecting that – what a nice touch. And they told me it comes with every car wash.

But the best gift was the car itself: it literally looked like it did the day I drove it out of the showroom!

Previous owner George Lindley said in response that “we’re always looking for the little things that make people happy and keep us ahead of the competition. When I built this facility, I wanted to make sure it was a really pleasant experience for my customers – that’s something we never forget.”

  • Best Car Wash at the Beaches...

    Dan D.

    The best car wash at the beaches! I drive 10 minutes to get there because they are the best. The staff is also trust worthy and professional. They take their time on cleaning your car. And when I'm in a hurry they have an exterior express wash from only $5 and they hand dry it also. October 2015

  • Exceeded My Expectations...

    Jade S

    The inside of my car needed help and now it looks like new! They spent an hour shampooing the carpet and they did a better, more thorough job than all the other washes I've received around Jax. They exceeded my expectations and I'm definitely going back! Check 'em out!

    January 2015
  • The Best...

    Kloe T
    Why would you get your car washed anywhere else? They're the best! July 2014
  • 5 Stars

    Shri P., Stephanie M., Lorna H., Eunice M.

    All gave Beaches Car Wash 5-Star Ratings! February 2016

  • One of My Favorites...

    Sarah D

    Beaches car wash is one of my favorites in the Jacksonville area! They always have coupons in the mint magazine and they are fairly priced. I usually get the rain-x deluxe car wash and it's under 40.00 for my SUV to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. I am a busy mom so any help I can get in taking care of chores I take gladly. Every time I go the place is packed! That being said, they usually get me in and out in under 30 minutes. My car is always spotless and shiny and I get the new car smell and it stays with the car for weeks. They also offer a 5.00 express wash if you don't want to do a deluxe package but the deluxe packages are worth the money. June 2014

  • Integrity...

    Little B

    They found a $50 bill under my seat and returned it to me. Wow. That's integrity. I'll be a customer for life. The carwash was awesome too! September 2014

  • Extremely Happy Customer...

    April V.

    I am an extremely happy customer. My SLK350 is immaculate. My wheels shine like new! October 2015

  • Great Job!

    Marjorie P.

    They do a great job. Very thorough. I got them to detail the inside because I transport my dogs in the car. They got all of the dog hair out and it smelled great!! September 2015

  • Best Customer Service...

    Beaches Car Wash has the best in customer service in the Jacksonville area. May 2015 
  • Best Car Wash at Beach...

    Frank W.
    Beaches Car Wash is the best car wash in the Beaches, they have adults running the show. I have been coming here for 3 years. June 2015
  • Surpassed My Expectations...

    Alexandra W.
    The bumper to bumper car wash service detail surpassed my expectations. I'll definitely be back again soon! June 2015
  • Awesome Job...

    Patrick C.
    Beaches Car Wash is AWESOME. $48.00 Washed - waxed - detailed inside & out! I have a big Lincoln town Car, black which makes it tougher to clean. I was in at 8:30 and out the door by 9:00. AWESOME JOB! April 2015

Did you have a great experience at Beaches Car Wash? We’d love to hear about it. Go to our Facebook page and write a review!




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