Car Wash

Did You Know: Each Time You Visit Beaches Car Wash You Help the Environment?

It is almost summer. Washing your car sounds like a great idea on a hot day, right? Think again. Unfortunately, this is a bad idea for several reasons. Washing cars at home in the driveway or at a parking lot fundraiser will use between 40 and 140 gallons of water on a single car. That is extremely wasteful.

Why is going to a professional car wash the best idea? The answer is that most newer car wash facilities have fairly sophisticated water reclamation systems and equipment that enable the car wash to re-use water many times over. This allows the car wash to only use fresh water when absolutely necessary (such as a final rinse) to ensure a clean, dry car. In other words, while many gallons of water are being used during the course of an average car wash, only 9 to 15 gallons of fresh water is introduced during any given wash cycle. That is at the very least a 65% reduction in water usage over home washing, and very likely much more than that.

Water conservation is only the beginning. Washing at home or in a parking lot can introduce harmful cleaning chemicals and phosphates from road film into storm drains that are intended to deliver rain run-off into rivers and streams, thereby hurting the plants and animal life in that ecosystem. Professional car washes, like Beaches Car Wash, empty excess waste into the sewer where it belongs.

By coming to Beaches Car Wash to wash your car, you are helping to keep the environment cleaner and to conserve water. Not to mention, it frees you up to do more fun things in life. Let us worry about keeping your car clean!



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